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Title: Food Analysis
Authors: Nielsen, S. Suzanne
Keywords: Food anlysis
Issue Date: 2010
Publisher: Springer
Citation: Third Edition
Abstract: As stated for the first and second editions, the chapters in this textbook are not intended as detailed references, but as general introductions to the top­ ics and the techniques. Course instructors may wish to provide more details on a particular topic to stu­dents. Chapters focus on principles and applications of techniques. Procedures given are meant to help explain the principles and give some examples, but are not meant to be presented in the detail adequate to actually conduct a specific analysis. As in the first and sec­ond editions, all chapters have summaries and study questions, and key words or phrases are in bold type, to help students focus their studies. In this third edition, the middle section of the text has been rearranged into a group of chapters on compositional analysis and one on chemical properties and characterization. Hopefully instructors will find this arrangement an improvement, but instructors are encouraged to cover the topics from this text in whatever order is most suitable for their course.
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