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Title: The effects of Active Learning in speaking classes on Grade 10 Students at Dinh Tien Hoang High School: Master's thesis
Authors: Pham, Huu Duc (GVHD)
Nguyen, Pham Kieu Phuong
Keywords: English language -- Study and teaching -- Master's thesis report
Anh ngữ -- Học tập và giảng dạy -- Luận văn Thạc sĩ
Issue Date: 2023
Publisher: Trường Đại học Bà Rịa - Vũng Tàu
Abstract: On the way to help students improve their speaking skill as well as increase their confidence in speaking English, the research was conducted in an upper secondary school in Vung Tau City through active learning strategies. The writer used Nunan’s experimental research as a main way in CAR – Classroom Action Research. It was based on Kurt Lewin’s design (1946). The participants of the study were from classes 10T1 and 10D3 at Dinh Tien Hoang High School in Vung Tau City. There were 80 students from both classes. They were divided into 2 groups: 10D3 (experimental group) in which they were taught using active learning strategies, and 10T1 (control group) who were instructed with textbook instructions and guidelines. Both qualitative and quantitative data were used during the conduct of the study. Through analyzing observation results, the writer gained the qualitative data while the quantitative data was obtained through students’ test (fifteen and mid-term tests). Moreover, their speaking scores made during pre- and post-task surveys were also recorded to serve the analysis of the quantitative. Findings from these instruments reveal that, by implementing active learning techniques in teaching speaking, the students have chances to be cooperative and active in learning speaking. Furthermore, they even motivate themselves to speak English more often with or without the presence of their teacher. Their achievement in speaking was recognizable. It is recommended that teachers should use the active learning strategies to motivate and encourage students to engage more in their learning.
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