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Title: The application of Confucian positive ethics on education in Japan and valuable lessons for Vietnam
Authors: Lâm, Ngọc Như Trúc
Trương, Nữ Vân Thi
Keywords: Confucian positive ethics
Issue Date: 12/2014
Series/Report no.: The 4th International Conference JSA -ASEAN 2014 State and Non-state Actors in Japan-ASEAN Relations and Beyond;
Abstract: This article aims to study the application of positive ethical values about education of Confucian ethics in Japan with a developing education system and to draw some lessons for Vietnam educational system. The results of the research show that experiencing many periods of cultural exchanges, Confucianism, the ethnical-political doctrine started and founded by Confucius in around the sixth century B.C., has widely been spread and has deeply affected the life, culture, thoughts, and ethnics of people in some Asian countries. Especially, the Confucian education ideology, every its aspects such as general thoughts on education, education objectives, education contents, education methods cover positive ethics and have a strong influence on teaching ways in many countries over a long history period. Japan is one of the countries which have employed these values effectively towards training and developing labor force to meet the demand of building and developing their economy and society. Japanese educational development has brought Vietnam valuable lessons on inheriting the quintessence to developing its educational system.
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