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dc.contributor.authorLe, Van Quoc-
dc.description.abstractNowadays, university training under the academic credit system is a progressive training system with the basic philosophy of respecting learners, considering learners as student-centered. Its purpose focuses on the flexible training process in order to help learners freely select for themselves the way of learning that best suits with their ability and finance. According to the roadmap of the Ministry of Education and Training from 2010, all universities must switch to training under the academic credit system. The fact shows that this is the right policy, suitable, accompanying the development trend of higher education in the world. In order to successfully implement this policy, the management of universities needs have many innovations like renovating the management of student learning activities to suit the academic credit system. Management of student learning activities is the process of purposeful impact of the management subjects who are principle, lecturers and administrators on their students through activities to change their awareness in learning, teach them how to learn, build class in groups, organize and manage learning activities, coordinate in managing learning activities, etc. to teach students to become fully developed people with ethics, knowledge, health, aesthetics and profession, and meet the requirements of society. The article focuses on discussing four factors of managing students’ learning activities in the academic credit system including learning purpose, learning motivation, guiding how to study in university; managing self-study activities. The results of the paper can contribute to improve the efficiency of learning management, and improve students’ learning quality in the academic credit
dc.publisherIOSR Journal Of Humanities And Social Sciencevi
dc.relation.ispartofseriesIOSR Journal Of Humanities And Social Science, Volume 27, Issue 5, Series 7 (May. 2022);pp. 47-49-
dc.subjectLearning activitiesvi
dc.subjectThe academic credit systemvi
dc.titleSome learning activities of the students at BVU in the academic credit systemvi
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