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Title: Grammar for everyone : practical tools for learning and teaching grammar
Authors: Dykes, Barbara
Keywords: English language -- Grammar -- Study and teaching.
Anh ngữ -- Ngữ pháp -- Học hỏi và giảng dạy
English language -- Grammar -- Problems, exercises, etc.
Anh ngữ -- Ngữ pháp -- Vấn đề, bài tập, v.v...
Issue Date: 2007
Publisher: ACER Press
Abstract: In today's contemporary society, a thorough understanding of the principles of English grammar is more important than ever before. English is now spoken by more than 500 million people around the world. It deserves to be taught with both knowledge and respect. Furthermore, students of grammar deserve the opportunity to speak and write it confidently, and correctly. Grammar provides a language to talk about language. Just as a mechanic needs naming words for the parts of an engine, so a student needs naming words for the components of speech and writing
ISBN: 9781429486217
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