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Title: Microsoft ASP.NET 4 Step by Step
Authors: Shepherd, George
Keywords: ASP.NET (ứng dụng web)
Issue Date: 2010
Publisher: Microsoft Press
Abstract: ASP .NET, together with Microsoft Visual Studio, includes a number of features to make your life as a Web developer easier .For example, Visual Studio offers several project templates that you can use to develop your site .Visual Studio also supports a number of development modes, including using Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS) directly to test your site during development, using a built-in Web server, and developing your site over an FTP connection .With the debugger in Visual Studio, you can run the site and step through the critical areas of your code to find problems .With the Visual Studio Designer, you can develop effective user interfaces by dropping control elements onto a canvas to see how they appear visually .And when you are ready to deploy your application, Visual Studio makes it easy to create a deployment package .These are but a few of the features built into the ASP .NET framework when paired with Visual Studio
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