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dc.contributor.authorBrown, Steven-
dc.contributor.authorSmith, Dorolyn-
dc.identifier.citationSecond Editionvi
dc.description.abstractThe book includes 16 core units and four expansion units. Each core unit has four parts: Warming up, two main Listening tasks, and Your turn to talk, a speaking activity for pairs or small groups. The four Expansion units present cultural information related to the unit themes. In addition, there is an introductory lesson called Before you begin. This lesson introduces students to helpful learning strategies and types of
dc.subjectAnh ngữ -- Học hỏi và giảng dạyvi
dc.subjectAnh ngữ -- Kỹ năng nghevi
dc.subjectEnglish language -- Listeningvi
dc.titleActive Listening 1: Teacher's manualvi
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