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dc.contributor.authorRussell, Staurt J.-
dc.contributor.authorNorvig, Peter-
dc.description.abstractArtificial Intelligence(AI) is a big field, and this is a big book. We have tried to explore the full breadth of the field, which encompasses logic, probability, and continuous mathematics; perception, reasoning, learning, and action; and everything from microelectronic devices to robotic planetary explorers. The book is also big because we go into some depth. The subtitle of this book is “A Modern Approach.” The intended meaning of this rather empty phrase is that we have tried to synthesize what is now known into a common framework, rather than trying to explain each subfield of AI in its own historical context. We apologize to those whose subfields are, as a result, less
dc.publisherPrentice Hallvi
dc.subjectTrí tuệ nhân tạovi
dc.subjectArtificial Intelligencevi
dc.titleArtificial Intelligence (A Modern Approach)vi
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